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Saturday 01 November 2003

Influence of mechanical activation on the physical stability of salbutamol sulphate.

By: Brodka-Pfeiffer K, Langguth P, Grass P, Hausler H.

Eur J Pharm Biopharm 2003 Nov;56(3):393-400

In order to obtain the optimal particle size distribution for pharmaceutical powders in dry powder inhalers the particles have to be micronised. In most cases the process of micronisation is connected with a high input of energy which induces disorder and defects on the surface of the drug particles and as a result changes in the crystallinity. Consequently, changes in the physical stability of the powders may occur. To investigate changes on the physical stability of the powder, different analytical methods are used in the present investigation: laser diffraction, Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), isothermal microcalorimetry and DVS-method.Air-jet-milling is one of the most frequently used techniques in the pharmaceutical industry, in order to obtain particles of respirable size. In the treatise described here the influence of the critical parameters of the process, i.e. feed pressure, grind pressure and feed rate is assessed for salbutamol sulphate. The grind pressure is of utmost importance with respect to particle size distribution and the physical powder stability. For salbutamol sulphate, ground with a MC Jetmill 50, a grind pressure of 6 bar has been found optimal. Pressures below 6 bar are not sufficient to produce the required reduction in particle size. The feed pressure and rate have negligible influence on the powder quality. Furthermore, the micronisation process is optimised to achieve respirable particles while minimising the amorphous content. A correlation between mechanical activation and the amount of the amorphous regions is showed clearly.Air-jet-milling has been compared to ball milling in this investigation. In pilot tests ball milling was not suitable to achieve the needed particle size distribution, however, it generates a specific quantity of amorphous material. With the help of specific amorphous regions in the powder, the sensitivity of the used methods for salbutamol sulphate can be examined.

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