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Friday 01 August 2003

Successful management of fetal hydrops due to congenitally complete atrioventricular block.

By: Sivarajah J, Huggon IC, Rosenthal E.

Cardiol Young 2003 Aug;13(4):380-3

At 32 weeks, a fetus was found to be hydropic with congenitally complete heart block in an asymptomatic mother who was positive to anti-Ro antibodies. Maternal therapy with oral salbutamol was successful in prolonging gestation for a period of 3 weeks so that preterm delivery was delayed until the 35th week of gestation. Following treatment with inotropes and diuretics, a permanent transvenous pacemaker was implanted at 8 weeks of age. The child is now thriving at 20 months of age.

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