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Thursday 01 November 2001

Salbutamol for hyperkalaemia in children.

By: Helfrich E, de Vries TW, van Roon EN.

Acta Paediatr 2001 Nov;90(11):1213-6

Hyperkalaemia is a potentially fatal disorder that demands direct treatment. The efficacy of traditional medical treatment is unpredictable, limited, of short duration or carries the risk of serious adverse events. The administration of salbutamol for hyperkalaemia in children is described in several clinical trials and case reports. CONCLUSION: Salbutamol, inhaled or infused, is safe and efficacious and results in a predictable and long-lasting reduction in serum potassium. Salbutamol merits a place as the preferred medication for hyperkalaemia in children without arrhythmias. If follow-up with haemodialysis is required, the administration of salbutamol gives time to make the necessary preparations.

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