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Saturday 01 December 2001

[Pharmacodynamics of inhalation broncholytic agents introduced in a single dose by nebulizer in patients with severe exacerbation of bronchial asthma]

By: Tsoi AN, Apkhipov VV.

Ter Arkh 2002;74(3):17-21

AIM: To study pharmacodynamics and safety of inhalatory beta-2-adrenostimulators and M-cholinolytics given via nebulizer in patients with severe exacerbation of bronchial asthma (BA). MATERIAL AND METHODS: The study covered 78 patients with severe exacerbation of BA (mean age--48.6 +/- 15.0 years). The patients were randomized into 4 groups: 23, 20, 18 and 17 patients, respectively. They were treated with: ventolin nebuly (2.5 mg), berodual (0.25 mg ipratropium bromide and 0.5 mg phenoterol), atrovent (0.5 mg), berotek (1.0 mg by nebulizer Pulmo-Aide 56501). Efficiency and safety of the treatment was assessed by the data of external respiration function, arterial blood gases and ECG each 30 min for 3 hours. RESULTS: In patients with severe exacerbation of BA pharmacodynamics of all the studied drugs was characterized by less duration and potency of the action. Salbutamol and berotek were effective for 180 min, atrovent--for 30-60 min. Inhalation broncholytics had no such serious side effects as prolongation of corrected interval Q-T or onset of arrhythmia. Berotek demonstrated longer action on heart rate than salbutamol. CONCLUSION: Severe complication of BA is treated more effectively with combination of beta 2-adrenomimetic with atrovent.

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