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Saturday 01 December 2001

[Clinical and biochemical aspects of flixotide administration in patients with moderate bronchial asthma]

By: Medvedeva IV, Lapik SV, Gur'eva SA, Savina IA.

Ter Arkh 2002;74(3):21-5

AIM: To compare clinical, device and biochemical aspects of monotherapy with flixotide vs combination of flixotide with serevent in patients with moderate bronchial asthma (MBA). MATERIAL AND METHODS: 18 patients with MBA received flixotide and 18 MBA patients flixotide plus serevent for two weeks of lead-in and eight weeks of basic treatment. A special study was made of neutrophils which were examined for activity of LPO-antioxidants and phospholipid spectrum of membranes. RESULTS: There were similar changes in function of the system LPO-antioxidants and lipid structure in neutrophilic membranes of moderate BA patients of both the groups. CONCLUSION: Clinicobiochemical efficacy of mean doses of a new topic inhalation glucocorticoid flixotide alone or in combination with prolonged beta 2-adrenostimulator serevent is demonstrated. There were positive trends in metabolic processes in neurophilic membrane. Use of flixotide in combination with serevent is clinically preferable.

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