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Monday 01 April 2002

[Pulmonary edema and tocolysis with beta-agonists]

By: Hamel H, Bonniaud P, Baudouin N, Spagnolo G, Sagot P, Camus P.

Rev Mal Respir 2002 Apr;19(2 Pt1):241-4

It is not unusual for respiratory specialists to be called to deal with respiratory problems in pregnancy. However, some conditions, such as tocolysis-induced pulmonary edema, although common, are largely unknown to our specialty. We report on the cases of three pregnant women, who developed pulmonary edema in the context of tocolysis with the intra-venous infusion of B-agonists. In all three patients, tocolysis was required because contraction developed well before term. Triple pregnancy was present in one patient. In another patient, mechanical ventilation was required. The outcome was good with full recovery in all three cases.

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