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Wednesday 01 March 2000

Childhood asthma and dental erosion.

By: Shaw L, al-Dlaigan YH, Smith A.

ASDC J Dent Child 2000 Mar-Apr;67(2):102-6, 82

The aim of this investigation was first to assess the prevalence of asthma in a random sample of fourteen-year-old children in Birmingham UK. Secondly to assess the levels of dental erosion in these children, and thirdly to see whether there was any correlation between children with asthma and the levels of dental erosion. A random sample of 418 children from twelve secondary schools was examined, 209 were male and 209 female. The level of tooth wear was recorded using a modification of the Tooth Wear Index of Smith and Knight. The prevalence of asthma in this group was 15.8 percent (66 children out of 418); the levels of dental erosion in children with asthma were higher.

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