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Wednesday 01 November 2000

Use of a novel modified TSI for the evaluation of controlled-release aerosol formulations. I.

By: McConville JT, Patel N, Ditchburn N, Tobyn MJ, Staniforth JN, Woodcock P.

Drug Dev Ind Pharm 2000 Nov;26(11):1191-8

When considering the development of potential controlled-release pulmonary drug delivery systems, there is at present no standard method available for the assessment of in vitro drug release profiles necessary to understand how the drug might release following deposition in the lungs. For this purpose, the twin-stage impinger (TSI), apparatus A of the BP, has been redesigned and tested. This modified TSI was found capable of discriminating between drug release rates from conventional and different dry powder formulations consisting of model controlled-release excipients, providing information related to (a) drug diffusion properties of controlled-release dry powder blends with different excipient components and (b) the effect of varying drug concentration within a given formulation.

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