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Saturday 01 July 2000

Dissolution properties of different designed and formulated salbutamol tablet dosage forms.

By: Ozkan Y, Savaser A, Ozalp Y, Isimer A.

Acta Pol Pharm 2000 Jul-Aug;57(4):271-6

Pharmaceutical availability or in vitro availability is one of the aspects of drug bioavailability. Dissolution can be described best as a tool that can provide valuable information about the availability of a drug product. Dissolution test was performed on three different designed and formulated of salbutamol tablet formulations marketed in Turkey. The test methods were the paddle method and the rotating basket method described in United States Pharmacopeia. All studied formulations showed a good agreement with pharmacopeial requirements. In particular all studied commercial tablet formulations showed a quite fast release of the antiasthmatic drug. Other type of table formulations showed slow release. In order to evaluate the dissolution rates five different kinetics have been examined and the best fitting kinetics was found to be RRSBW kinetic.

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