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Wednesday 01 November 2006

Effects of salbutamol and glyceryl trinitrate on large arterial stiffness are similar between patients with hypertension and adults with normal blood pressure.

By: Waring WS, Sinclair HM, Webb DJ.

Br J Clin Pharmacol 2006 Nov;62(5):621-6

* Assessment of endothelial function gives prognostic information and allows risk stratification among patients with hypertension. * Existing techniques for determining endothelial function involve invasive methods that are not widely applicable beyond a research environment. * A simple non-invasive pulse wave analysis (PWA) method for assessing endothelial function has recently been described, but its applicability in clinical practice is uncertain. * Application of the PWA technique to patients with established hypertension is feasible, but endothelial dysfunction was not detected. * Possible discrepancies between different agonists used to assess endothelial function might be important and need further consideration.

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