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Tuesday 03 July 2001

Delivery of HFA and CFC salbutamol from spacer devices used in infancy.

By: Dubus JC, Rhem R, Dolovich M.

Int J Pharm 2001 Jul 3;222(1):101-8

The aim of the study was to compare the in vitro delivery of four salbutamol pressurized metered-dose inhalers (pMDIs) via the three spacer devices commonly used in European infants: Aerochamber-Infant, Babyhaler, and metallic NES-spacer. Emitted dose (ED) and fine particle dose (FPD, particles<5.8 microm) of each combination of spacer device and pMDI (chlorofluorocarbon-based Ventoline, Eolene, Spreor, and hydrofluoroalkane-based Airomir were measured respectively using unit dose sampling tubes (n=30 per combination) and an 8-stage cascade impactor (n=6 per group). The results were compared by analysis of variance and the Student-Newman-Keuls method. ED of Airomir was always greater than for Ventoline (P<0.05). FPD obtained with Ventoline was the lowest, with Eolene>Airomir=Spreor>Ventoline (P<0.05). Only Airomir produced a similar FPD with all three spacer devices. Chlorofluorocarbon-salbutamol pMDIs are not generics when used with spacer devices. The three spacer devices may be used interchangeably with Airomir.

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