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Monday 01 October 2001

[RC-Cornet(R) improves the bronchodilating effect of Ipratropiumbromide (Atrovent(R)) inhalation in COPD-patients]

By: Cegla UH, Jost JH, Harten A, Weber T.

Pneumologie 2001 Oct;55(10):465-9

In 35 patients with severe COPD and tracheal-bronchial instability the bronchodilatory effect of salbutamol (Salbulair(R) Autohaler) was tested prospectively, randomized and crossover on two consecutive days by bodyplethysmography. Following the salbutamol inhalation, the effect of ipratropiumbromide inhalation (by Pariboy and LC-plus-nebulizer) was evaluated in group A with an oscillating PEP-system (RC-Cornet(R), Position 1) in the expiratory outlet of the nebulizer and in group B with conventional inhalation by the Pari-system. The bronchodilatory effect was statistically significant better in group A inhaling ipratropiumbromide with the RC-Cornet(R) in the expiratory limb of the nebulizer in comparison to "normal" inhalation (decrease in airway resistance p < 0.0002, increase in vitacapacity p < 0.0051, increase in FEV1 p < 0.0161, Wilcoxon-Test for matched pairs). Using an oscillating PEP-system in the expiratory outlet of a nebulizer does not only increase the bronchodilatory effect of ipratropiumbromide but also shortens by combining inhalation and physiotherapy the time necessary for therapy in those patients.

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