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Monday 01 October 2001

Evaluation of flow properties of dry powder inhalation of salbutamol sulfate with lactose carrier.

By: Iida K, Hayakawa Y, Okamoto H, Danjo K, Leuenberger H.

Chem Pharm Bull (Tokyo) 2001 Oct;49(10):1326-30

The effects of the flow and packing properties of a drug/carrier powder mixture on emission of drug adhering to the carrier from capsules and inhalation devices were investigated. Model powder mixtures were designed consisting of lactose carriers with different particle shapes were prepared by surface treatment and micronized salbutamol sulfate. These powder mixtures were aerosolized by a Spinhaler, and in vitro deposition properties of salbutamol sulfate were evaluated by a twin impinger. The flow properties of the mixed powders were evaluated by the Carr's flowability index (FI) and Hausner's ratio (HR). The packing properties of the mixed powders were determined employing the tapping method. Compared with the powder mixed with the untreated lactose carrier, the FI, HR, and the constant K in Kawakita's equation of the powder mixture prepared using the surface-treated lactose carrier were significantly different, showing that the flow and packing properties of the drug/carrier powder mixture were improved. Using this surface-treated system, the handling of the powder mixture when packing into capsules is improved, which is desirable for handling dry powder inhalants. The fraction (%) of drug emitted from capsules and devices (EM) and the FI of the powder mixture were correlated. As the flow properties improved, the outflow of the powder mixture from capsules and devices became easier, and emission of drug adhering on the carrier from capsules and devices improved. Improvement of the inhalation process, such as the drug particles emitted from the inhalation system, is valuable for increasing inhalation properties of dry powder inhalation.

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