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Monday 01 October 2001

[Long-acting beta 2-stimulants]

By: Tamura G.

Nippon Rinsho 2001 Oct;59(10):1973-8

Although inhaled salmeterol and formoterol have been clinically used as long-acting beta 2-stimulants in the world, only tulobuterol tape has been used as long-acting beta 2-stimulants in Japan. When both inhaled agents are used twice daily and the tape is done once daily, it has been reported to achieve stable bronchodilatation for 24 hours. Therefore, these agents are recognized as controllers for asthma therapy. Although tolerance of regular use of salmeterol and formoterol has been reported, it is estimated to be clinically negligible because of small degree. In this review, I described clinical usefulness of long-term treatment of asthma with tulobuterol tape.

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