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Saturday 25 August 2001

Wearing a noseclip improves nebulised aerosol delivery.

By: Meier R, Hall GL, Sennhauser FH, Wildhaber JH.

Swiss Med Wkly 2001 Aug 25;131(33-34):495-7

OBJECTIVE: The efficiency of nebulised aerosol delivery is limited due to drug retained within the nebuliser, and due to a poor ratio between inspiratory drug delivery and expiratory drug loss. Several technical approaches have improved the ratio between inspiratory aerosol delivery and expiratory aerosol loss. In our pilot study we aimed to investigate if wearing a noseclip during inhalation therapy improves the inspiratory versus expiratory ratio and hence, improves nebulised aerosol delivery. METHODS: Drug delivery was measured in thirteen subjects (7 males; age range 23-36 years) inhaling in random order nebulised aerosol through a mouthpiece once while wearing a noseclip and once without. RESULTS: Wearing a noseclip leads to an increase of 113% (SEM 23.5) in drug delivery and improves the inspiratory versus expiratory ratio (ratio 2.07 versus 0.75). CONCLUSIONS: We have shown that aerosol delivery is increased due to an improved inspiratory versus expiratory ratio when wearing a noseclip.

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