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Monday 01 October 2001

Definition of a solvent system for spherical crystallization of salbutamol sulfate by quasi-emulsion solvent diffusion (QESD) method.

By: Nocent M, Bertocchi L, Espitalier F, Baron M, Couarraze G.

J Pharm Sci 2001 Oct;90(10):1620-7

In this paper we describe how the spherical crystallization process by QESD method can be applied to a water-soluble drug, salbutamol sulfate. The type of solvent, antisolvent, and emulsifier and the concentration of emulsifier to be used for the production of spherical particles with a size range 80-500 microm are determined. Furthermore, the solvent/antisolvent ratio and the temperature difference between them (Delta T) are studied. It was observed that, in the case of salbutamol sulfate, the Delta T value has no influence on the formation of spherical particles. A very large metastable zone of salbutamol sulfate in water could explain this phenomenon. Finally, the influence of emulsifier concentration and of maturation time on the size of spherical particles is studied. The results show that these two parameters must be fixed to control the size of the recovered particles. Copyright 2001 Wiley-Liss, Inc. and the American Pharmaceutical Association J Pharm Sci 90:1620-1627, 2001

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