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Thursday 01 September 2005

Asthma inhalers and subsurface enamel demineralisation: an in situ pilot study.

By: Tootla R, Kotru G, Connolly MA, Duggal MS, Toumba KJ.

Eur J Paediatr Dent 2005 Sep;6(3):139-43

AIM: The purpose of this pilot study was to identify the subsurface enamel demineralising potential of two possible acidogenic lactose-based powders and their corresponding generic pump inhalers. METHODS: Ten healthy non-asthmatic adults participated in a 5- leg randomised crossover study including a 10% sucrose control. A twice-daily 400 microg dose of inhaler was applied in vitro to a demineralised enamel slab on the buccal flange of a mandibular removable appliance before in situ placement for 14 days each. Lesion parameters were determined using transverse microradiography and digitised image analysis. RESULTS: Minimal demineralisation occurred with sucrose, both pump and one powder inhaler. The remaining powder was associated with remineralisation (p = 0.29). Overall, mean lesion depth increased (p = 0.12). CONCLUSION: Asthma inhalers failed to demonstrate a significant acidogenic/cariogenic effect.

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