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Tuesday 01 April 2003

Some clinico-epidemiological aspect of bronchiolitis among infants and young children--a hospital based study.

By: Das PK, Saha JB, Basu K, Lahiri S, Sarkar GN.

Indian J Public Health 2003 Apr-Jun;47(2):66-71

A hospital based prospective study was carried out from 1st October 1998 to 30th September 1999 on children with clinical diagnosis of bronchiolitis in OPD and indoor patients of the Department of Paediatric Medicine, Medical College Kolkata. The objective of the study was to find out the proportional case rate and clinico epidemiological features of the disease. The effectiveness of nebulized salbutamol among bronchiolitis children was also looked into. The proportional case rate was found to be 4.65%. Low birth weight (LBW)/premature babies (51.11%) malnutrition (40%), nonimmunization (55.55%) & non breastfeeding practices (48.88%) were significant risk factors for severe bronchiolitis. Response to nebulized salbutamol was remarkably higher (70%) in 6m to 12m age group.

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