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Thursday 01 July 2004

[Financial assessment of device for the preparation of intravenous mixtures in hospital pharmacy]

By: Casado Collado A, Luengo Pascual L, Herdman M, Bonafont Pujol X, Clemente Bautista S, Jodar Masanes R, Napal Lecumberri V, Serrano Padilla G.

Farm Hosp 2004 Jul-Aug;28(4):243-50

OBJECTIVE: To financially assess a device for the preparation of intravenous mixtures (DPIVM) --Grifill system-- such as IV gammaglobulin, salbutamol, ondansetron/dexametasone, cisplatin rehydrating solution and mesna. MATERIAL AND METHODS: The most relevant resources used in the preparation and rebottling of each of the above-mentioned intravenous mixtures (for both the DPIVM and the commonly used alternative system) are assessed, as well as unitary costs (obtained from six Spanish hospitals enrolled), and an approach to the real cost by system used is obtained. A sensitivity analysis is performed considering most influencing variables. Results are calculated for one month of system operation. RESULTS: For IV gammaglobulin, mesna, salbutamol, ondansetron/dexametasone and polyionic solutions DPIVM resulted in financial benefit, but it did not in the preparation of cisplatin rehydrating solution. CONCLUSIONS: An individualized study in each center is needed to achieve reliable financial data on the system's profitability at hospital pharmacy departments. DPIVM may allow significant financial savings in centers and hospital departments using high-cost pharmaceuticals susceptible of customized dosing --e. g., IV gammaglobulin, other blood derivatives, monoclonal antibodies and/or antibiotics-- or intravenous mixtures requiring pharmaceuticals usually purchased directly from the manufacturer that may be prepared from low-cost raw materials (for instance, salbutamol and polyionic solution) requiring high-quality manipulation (e. g., sterility and precision).

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