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Monday 01 November 2004

Can albuterol help resistance exercise attenuate unloading-induced bone loss?

By: Caruso JF, Hamill JL, Yamauchi M, Cook TD, Mercado DR, Gibb G, Higginson BK, Elias J, Hernandez DA.

J Strength Cond Res 2004 Nov;18(4):753-9

Hind-limb-suspended rats incur attenuated bone loss with beta(2)-agonists, and humans note similar changes with concurrent resistance exercise. To examine if the beta(2)-agonist albuterol helps resistance exercise reduce unloading-induced bone loss, human subjects performed 40 days of unilateral limb suspension with their left legs, otherwise refraining from normal ambulatory activity. While performing left leg strength training 3 days.week(-1), subjects received a concurrent placebo or albuterol (16 treatment. Left leg muscle and bone changes were analyzed with 2 x 2 analyses of covariance (ANCOVAs). Mechanical loading values were calculated from workouts and compared using a 2 x 5 analysis of variance (ANOVA) and a Tukey post hoc test. The resistance exercise-albuterol assignment evoked significant (p < 0.05) left leg bone mineral content (BMC) gains (+2.24%) after 40 days. During the final unloading days, the resistance exercise-placebo group's mechanical loading data declined (-13.91%) significantly (p < 0.05) versus initial values. A resistance exercise-albuterol assignment likely increased BMC by maintaining the mechanical loading stimulus.

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