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Friday 01 August 2003

Dose-response relationship and reproducibility of urinary salbutamol excretion during the first 30 min after an inhalation.

By: Tomlinson HS, Corlett SA, Chrystyn H.

Br J Clin Pharmacol 2003 Aug;56(2):225-7

AIMS: To determine the reproducibility and dose-response relationship for urinary salbutamol excretion post inhalation. METHODS: Fifteen volunteers inhaled either one, two, three, four or five doses of 100 micro g salbutamol on separate days and then seven of these also repeated each of the one, three and five doses on five occasions. After each study dose urine was collected 30 min post inhalation. RESULTS: The mean (SD) 30 min urinary salbutamol after one, two, three, four and five doses was 2.61 (1.0.), 5.47 (1.59), 8.68 (2.73), 12.34 (3.96) and 15.99 (4.50) micro g, respectively. Statistical analysis revealed a linear relationship (P < 0.001). Mean (SD) coefficient of variation after one, three and five doses was 10.5 (3.6), 10.1 (2.7) and 9.4 (2.3)%. CONCLUSIONS: The 30 min salbutamol urinary excretion post inhalation pharmacokinetic method, to compare inhaled products, is linear with inhaled dose and reproducible.

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